NGE  has experience working around various types of Power Lines 

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*Before & After

230KV Line for Duke Energy

Lower the risk of potential tree hazards by having NGE  clear around Distribution Lines and Roads

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*Right-of-Way Reclamation for NCDOT & SCDOT





•  Outperforms hand-cutting crews by 5:1

•  Reduces on-the-job injuries

•  Eliminates handwork

•  Tree Size unlimited

•  Cut trees to ground level

•  Reduces trees and vegetation to mulch

•  Less environmental impact

   (mulch limits soil erosion)

•  Ideal in limited-access areas

•  Short- and long-term cost savings

•  One man, one machine


 230KV Line for Duke Energy

Featuring the shinn cutter

Benefits of the Shinn Cutter

Machine with NGE