NGE is a specialized operations company providing services for DOT, municipalities, utility companies (gas, water, sewer, and electric), and contractors.  We offer land clearing with the high-production tree removal Shinn System.  This method, with its low environmental impact, preserves the integrity of right of ways.  It has been so well accepted that project managers now specify it in contracts.


This method of tree removal gives our clients, contractors, and utility owners substantial short- and long-term cost savings over other methods.

Using the Shinn Cutter method, NGE can effect total tree removal and produce mulch with one machine.

NGE  has over 15 years of experience using the Shinn Cutter.  Our method of clearing allows year round operations, no matter what the weather.  Our range of experience offers our customers the confidence that we can successfully achieve the goals of their project. 

Our operators have a vast amount of experience working in highly populated areas, various types of power & distribution lines and communicating with homeowners and contractors. Upon hiring, our operators undergo drug testing and background checks.  This extra step ensures that our employees are a positive part of the team.